Wrist fusion + 2 months

A temporary cast was worn for 2 months and now removed; my hand looks like this. Only a 5″ scar gives a hint of the serious titanium scaffolding that lies beneath….


My hand feels pretty good at the moment. There is hardly any pain, just some minor nerve issues as it heals. I can easily make a fist, stretch the fingers as per normal, although the thumb is not as flexible as the other hand, but¬†any¬†difference is minor. There is a faint numbness on the top of the hand still, but it decreases daily. Being able to now wake up of a morning without that incessant wrist pain is amazing. I’m not sure what my future limitations may be, but to alleviate that pain is totally worthwhile. The measured strength in my right (dominant) hand is 48kg. Measured at 2-months, my healing left is only 16kg. The surgeon expects it might get to about 32kg as a maximum down the track.

Top (and side) x-rays at 2-months are as follows:


The surgeon was quite happy with the look and feeling of my hand; certainly no evidence of significant issues. At this stage I have permission to increase light weights for stressing the bones to aid in development and healing. Also, driving a manual car and riding a bike on flat roads/paths. If the bone fusion improves in another 2 months from now, the surgeon will be happy for me to mountain bike once more.

Current exercises for me to undertake over the next 2 months include a stress ball to squeeze, a 1.5kg dumbbell to use for side lifts, shoulder presses and bent over rows. It’s very light, but the emphasis at this stage is low weight/high reps. There is also the use of the gyroscopic ball I referenced in my previous physio exercises after the initial crash. All of this is to aid in the atrophy in my arm/hand, boost strength and co-ordination.

I should point out to readers of this that I really expected my hand to feel quite unusual. I have to say that even at this stage it really doesn’t. For people who may consider the need for such an operation; don’t read into the stories about how weird and painful it is. If you are in pain, this is a godsend and there’s very little you can’t do. Yes, there is always the risk of it not all going to plan but the success rate is very high.

Expect an update at the end of April 2016…..