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  1. Hi there, my name is Frank, from Sydney’s northern beaches. A google search somehow got me to your blog and it seems you’re in Australia! I haven’t read everything about your hand injury yet, but see a lot of similarities with my own injury. I fractured and misplaced the scaphoid 3 months ago, had 7 pins just removed last week. Scars look scarily identical. Just started physio but am mentally not motivated by the hospital staff who tell me i probably can never use my wrist again, as this was the worst injury they’d seen in years. I had multiple other injuries as well – broke my whole face, got 11 titanium plates in there now. Pelvis, ribbs. 13 Teeth. No fun. All healing well though, but the hand is the one injury that is least promising, going off the staff. Would love to connect and exchange ideas! Send me an email, and I’ll send you some x-rays 😉

    Let me know, and good luck with your ‘project!’

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