Hand injury, week 98+

Stitches out at last, but one more day covered up until I can get hand wet again.

Looks a sorry sight, but rest assured it feels a lot worse than that 😉


There’s small but noticeable raised bump where the bones have re-positioned themselves. It may decrease in a size due to decreasing swelling, but I think this will be a “feature” of my wrist now.


From here, it’s a case of stretching and encouraging safe mobility ranges. I need to work on a lot of hand and wrist strengthening too. Back to low weight dumbbells!


6 thoughts on “Hand injury, week 98+

  1. Hey man, I sustained a perilunate injury 3 months back whilst in Queenstown. Reading your blog is unreal motivation. Great to see you where able to mtb ride for 3 hours. How are you progressing after your 2nd surgery?

    • Thanks for your queries mate.

      A bit of an irony with my healing. My scaphoid etc amazingly healed very well. But, my cartilage deteriorated so badly that by October 2015 I couldn’t ride anymore. But this was very specific to my horrendous injury, most wouldn’t have this issue. So, in December 2015 I had a full wrist fusion. I will be adding a new blog on it shortly.

      • Tough break man. I’ve heard of a some people riding with full wrist fusions so there is always the possibility to get back out on the trails! Keep up the updates as I am sure many people with perilunate injuries will come across your blog and appreciate the perspective.

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