Hand injury, 21st week

So I had an important appointment with the hand surgeon today, primarily to get a feel for the progress of the scaphoid bone.

An x-ray taken an hour before the appointment told him that the bone had healed somewhat more since my last x-ray (some months ago). Parts of the scaphoid in the x-ray that were white, were now black which indicates blood is progressing further into the bone; a really good sign. Importantly it still has healing time to go, so the benefits have even greater potential over the next few months. At my next appointment in 3 months time I will have a CT scan which will reveal the exact nature and extent of the blood flow in the bone. This will effectuate a period of 8 months since the accident which is a good period of time to assess a scaphoid bone.

Unfortunately I can only get a poor quality copy of the x-ray to show:


So with this positive news, coupled with my increased mobility and hand strength, he expressed he was really quite surprised how well I was progressing. Also on hand at this appointment was the surgeon who had operated on me at the time of the accident. He was very happy to see me and was visually shocked at how well it was going as he’s never seen such a traumatic hand injury prior to me.

So all in all, I’m very happy and will continue my physio, cardio and eating well in earnest.


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