Hand injury, week +18

This post is tied to my latest physiotherapy appointment.

1. Results

(i.) wrist mobility

My extension and flexion ROM improved to 45 and 40 degrees respectively.


Using a reference of a total mobility in a normal wrist of 170 degrees (90 degrees down + 80 degrees up):


Time= 0 weeks —->  Mobility = 0 degrees,  0% of total.

Time= 12 weeks —->  Mobility = 30 degrees,  18% of total.

Time= 15 weeks —->  Mobility = 60 degrees,  35% of total.

Time= 16 weeks —->  Mobility = 70 degrees,  42% of total.

Time= 18 weeks —->  Mobility = 85 degrees,  50% of total.


….which means I have scavenged 50% of my good hand’s mobility in my injured one. So I’m very happy with this.

(2.) Hand/wrist Exercises

Continuing using a very light 1kg weight, and go through a range of basic but slow motions. I have some additional wall push-ups which aim to provide some resistance for my hand to fight against.

…..Plus!  I have a new toy!  A Roller ball “handy exerciser!”  Oh yeah, its hot.

You rev it up to potentially 8000rpms (not quite Rx8 territory, but close) and try and control this sucker as it bends the fabric of space and time.


(3.) Hand strength

Hydraulic hand dynamometer measurements.

Week 15 =  14kg

Week 16 =  20kg

Week 18 =  28kg

…so a hand strength doubling in 3 weeks.

My good (dominant) hand was rated at 38kg last week, 45kg today.


(4.) Current strength/pain

Pain levels similar to previous entry.

I have a carpel tunnel pain which I learnt today is almost certainly due to the scar tissue pressuring the area. This should improve if not totally heal with time.



2 thoughts on “Hand injury, week +18

  1. Where are you getting the ‘normal wrist range’ of 170 degrees? That’s actually crazy. My right (normal, though been injured in the past) wrist hits around 70 degrees extension and 80 degrees flexion.

    But anyways, good progress man! I think you’re progressing faster than I was. I’m hitting the 6 month mark and have 120+ ROM. Hasn’t changed that much in ROM for the past few weeks but it’s feeling stronger and stable. Can do clapping pushups and handstand pushups with feet against the wall. Physio let me start riding my BMX again – been doing the odd manuals and bunny hops, haha.

    Has your physio given you any proprioception exercises? The ones that help you know where your wrist is in space and in relation to everything else. Helps immensely for any sport and preventing future injuries. It can range from simple exercises like throwing a ball and catching it to harder ones like leaning on a fitness ball.

  2. extension in my right is approx 80, flexion is approx 90, so 170 combined.

    yeah i’m now do the wall push-ups with clapping.

    dont think i have those exercises as yet, maybe soon? I think they were awaiting news on my scaphoids progress before ‘loading’ my hand/wrist.

    thx for your reply!

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