Hand injury, week +16

This post is tied to my latest physiotherapy appointment.

1. Results

(i.) wrist mobility

My upward ROM remained at 40 degrees, but my downward improved to 30 degrees.

Hand - Wrist Flexion-Extension

Using a reference of a total mobility in a normal wrist of 170 degrees (90 degrees down + 80 degrees up):


Time= 0 weeks —->  Mobility = 0 degrees,  0% of total.

Time= 12 weeks —->  Mobility = 30 degrees,  18% of total.

Time= 15 weeks —->  Mobility = 60 degrees,  35% of total.

Time= 16 weeks —->  Mobility = 70 degrees,  42% of total.


(2.) Hand/wrist Exercises

Started using a very light 1kg weight, and go through a range of basic but slow motions. Interesting to see if this loosens up wrist further.

(3.) Hand strength

I also had my hand strength measured with a hydraulic hand dynamometer. Last week, I rated 14kg, today was 20kg. My good (dominant) hand was rated at 38kg.


(4.) Current strength/pain

Strangely, different days bring differing levels of discomfort. Today was nowhere near as bad as last two days when my knuckles felt like I’d punched brick walls. The muscular cheek area below the thumb has been overly tender in the last 3 weeks at least; almost certainly scaphoid bone related. If it is, hopefully it’s just healing pain. Otherwise it might be permanent pain.

(5.) Hand creams

As the scars are well into healing mode so I’ve started applying bio-oil and paw paw cream to flatten the scars and minimise redness. I will take some photos of my scars as changes occur.

Bio-Oil-125ml skincare4cropped


2 thoughts on “Hand injury, week +16

  1. Good to see your progress! It’s pretty fast considering you nearly had your whole hand chopped off.

    I’m 20 weeks post-surgery from a perilunate dislocation with my left wrist (from riding BMX dirt jumps). It was only last month I could do a push up.

    As far scarring, my physio said that the cream didn’t really matter; it’s the massaging action that helps it. Mine got pretty bad, so he suggested silicon. If yours gets bad, buy those silicon sheets. They’re pretty expensive but they work pretty well.

    Best of luck with your recovery. Hopefully we’ll be riding our bikes again in the near future.

  2. Many thanks for your response!

    I think you are right; it’s been hell, but a lot has been accomplished through it all. Seems like a lifetime though when you can’t ride.

    I do have a silicon thingy which I might start to re-use at night…thanks for the idea.

    Hope you recover well enough to allow you back on yours, all the best!

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