Hand injury, week +15

This post is tied to my latest physiotherapy appointment.

1. Results

(i.) wrist mobility

In a previous posting, I had claimed a +-15 degrees range of mobility, giving a total of 30 degrees. I learnt today that while the total range of 30 degrees was accurate, the individual ranges were actually 20 degrees (up) and 10 degrees (down). Today, approximately 2-3 weeks after that appointment, my new readings were 40 degrees (up) and 20 degrees (down); a doubling in both cases.

Hand - Wrist Flexion-Extension

Using a reference of a total mobility in a normal wrist of 170 degrees (90 degrees down + 80 degrees up):


Time= 0 weeks —->  Mobility = 0 degrees,  0% of total.

Time= 12 weeks —->  Mobility = 30 degrees,  18% of total.

Time= 15 weeks —->  Mobility = 60 degrees,  35% of total.


The striking improvement is the doubling of range in a 3 week period. If I can scavenge 50% (of the total) I’ll be over the moon.

(2.) Hand/wrist Exercises

I was given new exercises today which aim to strengthen the wrist itself. Various rotations with load via the stretching of a supplied elastic strip. This step is important and aims to build the muscle around the wrist and also provide more control. This will continue for the best part of the next 2 weeks when I will return for a new regime which will hopefully include some light weights.

(3.) Current strength/pain

Simply put, my hand improves every day, but I can’t emphasize enough how gradual it is. It’s crazy slow, but when you remember that you almost sever your hand off, it’s no biggy. There is pain at the upper limits of wrist mobility, but also specifically around the Ulna bone (lump) on the wrist; it feels like bones mashing on bones. Which is good in a sense, because I was told that’s probably what it is ….doh! The numbness in general continues to subside.

(4.) Food

Not to be underestimated by any stretch, my food intake has been really quite good as it usually is. I’m also including fish oil tables and calcium/Vit D.

(5.) Personal exercise

For at least 2 months I’ve been doing daily walks of some rigour. I now include doing stationary bike and mild jogging. I try to do at least one of these every day.


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