Hand injury, week +12

A posting in four parts…


(1.) Healing from pin removal

So the pins were removed over one week ago. Thankfully the operation went well and there has been no subsequent issues. The scar as expected is minimal and it is healing quite well.  Just one more obstacle out of the way….

20130813_092150_1 20130813_092156_1

(2.) Foreign object spotted

I had noticed this small circular raised lump since leaving the hospital in the early days, back in May. Accidentally knocking it a few times over the last 3 months or so I’d always felt a sharp pain and incorrectly assumed all along it was one of the end of the pins. As such I’d never given it any further thought. However, with the pins removed and it still present I had an ‘uh oh’ moment. The best guess at this stage is that is most likely a small fragment of bone, possibly sharp, loitering under the skin that was missed at the initial surgery. It’s possible too that it was originally located somewhere else and subsequently moved to its current position where its lodged under a tight area of skin. Getting this looked at in next two weeks.


(3.) Physio


The physiotherapist molded a “cica-care” type putty which sets in 5 mins or so and is contoured to my inner palm. The idea is to utilise a makeshift binding which holds it in place. Its primary job is to soften the extensive scar in my palm which will dramatically aid in physio exercises. Without it, the scar would naturally tend to harden and make mobility training very difficult. It also gradually takes redness out of the scar as a secondary benefit. It applies a reasonable amount of pressure and as its somewhat annoying I wear it at night only.

20130817_085248_1 20130817_085332_1 20130817_093013_1


I had my first physio appointment over a week ago. Primarily I was given wrist/finger exercises which I must perform 3x a day. Mindful of an optimal recovery, I’m religious with this advice. There are clear restrictions, pain thresholds, which I can’t physically exceed at the moment. Nor should I, as ligaments etc could tear. This is a slow process that needs to be respected. The diagram shows normal wrist flexion/extension (in black), my limitations are currently shown in red. I think this was measured at a maximum of 15 degrees where normal is more likely 80/90 degrees. So I have a long way to go and I may only recoup a percentage of my former mobility anyway. Further, lateral wrist movement is even worse, maybe 5 or 10 degrees to either side.

Hand - Wrist Flexion-Extension

(4.)  3-monthly update

So, how does my wrist feel after 3 months? I have noticed slight improvements with the physio (already) and I’m thankfully losing numbness on the top and bottom of my palm. The main sensation in terms of pain is the neck of the wrist which feels like the innards are highly strung with catgut or fishing line. It’s really hard to express this strange feeling.  My surgeon basically told me it’s the scar tissue resolving itself with slowly, but surely, developing soft tissues coming back to life.


2 thoughts on “Hand injury, week +12

  1. Thanks for posting Zeppidy, I did what the doctors described to me as a “catastrphic Perilunate Dislocation” – although it never looked quite as bad as your dislocation/break! The cuts to your palm and upper hand are very similar to mine. I was in a cast for over 12 weeks before the k-wires were removed and this has made physio/rehab quite difficult. Its been 15 months since the injury and I still feel like I am gaining range of movement, strength and reduction in general ambient pain. Anyway, just wanted to wish you all the best, it sounds like you have really good advice and a fantastic attitude towards your recovery and will bounce back well!

    • Awesome comment Sunni. Many thanks!

      15 months?? hooly dooly. I expect my ultimate mobility to be a fraction of what I had prior to the accident. But I’m hoping that I can gain a high % of that with intensive physio in a shortish period of time, with strength to follow.

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