Hand injury, week +11

So after approximately 10 weeks, the pins were removed in hospital. I was under general anesthetic for the process, but did remember to ask for the pins as a souvenir:


I was sutured on either side of my wrist, bandaged up and set free.


Two days later I was allowed to remove the bandages, but to keep the incision areas covered until the stitches will be removed in over a weeks time. Great, ….more showers with a plastic bag over my hand….



What looks like rust is actually betadine, but it certainly feels like rust. My wrist is surprisingly tender for simple pin removal. Maybe it’s healing pain? Hard to sleep on first night after the ordeal, but crashed well the following night. I’ve been taking mild meds at the moment. The absence of the pins is really noticeable and I’m slowly getting some much needed motion that I haven’t felt in a while. Wrist physio begins in a few days and that should prove telling, if not painful. But anything that helps is welcome.


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