Hand injury, week +9

The hospital visit in my 9th week was somewhat distressing. The opinion of the surgeon who had operated on my hand felt that scaphoid bone was not healing. Rather, that a non-union was forming. The feeling is that my scaphoid is developing an avascular necrosis (AVN). More time will be required to ascertain this and a CT scan is planned in approx 6 weeks from now which should be far more telling. The tell-tale signs of this condition can be seen in the x-ray immediately below, whereby the scaphoid (bone with screw though it) reflect differing regions of light/darkness in the northern and southern regions of the bone. In short, the shade is not uniform throughout. However in reality, the physical separation of the scaphoid bone due the the accident would almost guarantee an AVN. The news was pretty shattering and Monday wasn’t pretty.

Shortly after this I was referred to a hand surgeon and will be continuing with him from here on in. A chat with him, my father (also a GP) and my family GP the day after, helped put things in perspective and helped lift my spirits. The current plan is to get my two wrist-pins removed in 1 weeks time. Immediately following this will be some intensive wrist/hand therapy which may go on for some time. There will various (surgical) options to address the scaphoid if the CT scan clarifies the AVN. As I understand it, these may include bone grafts, partial or full wrist fusions. It’s likely I’m in for a longer haul than I might have expected.

Mentally it has been tough in recent times and friends, family and the various doctors have really helped. I’m keeping myself as mentally and physically active as I reasonably can. Although the daily walking has been helpful, I will be investing in a bike-trainer which will allow me ramp up the cardio which I know will work wonders for me.






2 thoughts on “Hand injury, week +9

  1. Keep it positive, and it will take as long as it needs to, you can never push these things especially if you want long term health. It is hard but be patient, I know the feeling.

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