Hand injury, week +7

The scaphoid/spica “Aircast” I was using was causing a crazy amount of pressure on the thumb area due to its internal stitching. $28 later and they swapped me over to an oh-so-sexy skin coloured unit, apparently a notch up in quality. I mean its incredible; I can’t even tell I have a cast on….tsk tsk. I think it was made by a committee though; some of the straps work in a weird way. Hope I survive it, it’s tight as!


A few more x-ray updates….

Still to early to talk about the health of the scaphoid bone they tell me, but it’s not looking suspicious in a bad way so that’s the minimum I want to hear.

I have an appointment in 3 weeks to have the pins removed and then I will later undergo wrist/hand physio. This may be at a specialist location separate from the hospital. I was not upset to hear this; a relief from the hospital bogans I witness each visit takes its toll on a fella.

DX000000 (2) DX000000

DX000001 (2) DX000001

and a couple crops on request…





Some inverted xray crops






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