Hand injury, week +6

A hospital free week for a change…

In terms of the current status I’ve included following picture. The yellow circle represents a region of significant numbness; feels really strange to touch. The blue circles highlight areas where the cast places a lot of direct pressure and in conjunction with the temporary pins in my wrist, cause unusual pain. The red areas, for whatever reason, feel like I’ve punched a brick wall over and over….been feeling like that since the accident happened.

That’s the negatives, I do feel a general improvement in my hand since last week, so things are moving in the right direction. My scars are also in general healing well and this has been helped with some vitamin E cream daily.


The nature of the cast forces some of my skin together causing overly moist areas. To address this, I was advised to dry it out with metho and in a day or so, it made a big difference.


So although it still looks nasty, it is healing.



Finally, the finger physio is definitely helping, getting more flexibility every day. I do have the greatest resistance in my middle finger when pulling it backwards compared to the others.


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