Hand injury, week +5

This week’s hospital visit was quite informative. I was able to speak to the doctor who was present at the outset. He was happy with my final scars healing, and recommended that I should remain in the scaphoid/spica cast that I have been sporting for the last 2 weeks or so. That is, alleviating the need for a more traditional cast. He feels this one adds just the right amount of support for my exact injuries. He also added I was now in a position to periodically remove it to wash my hand/arm which will be a godsend as far as I’m concerned. He also confirmed a reasonable amount of pain will be coming from the temporary pins in my wrist.

While out of the cast at the time, he inquired about my thumb and wrist movement. My thumb movement is very minimal and in the direction inwards only towards my palm. If I got any wrist movement  it was very marginal. Frankly I’m terrified to move it, or my thumb at this stage.  

Taking the Endone a bit more of late, ….the Panadol aren’t quite enough.

Latest pics; I feel like I have leprosy  but hopefully a wash or two and moisturiser will help.

(I think they have more x-rays of my injuries that I intend to scavenge soon as well, hopefully appear in a later entry)




Finally, many thanks to my girlfriend Mel C2 for her continual data entry prowess and patience with dictation to allow this blog to continue.


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